Videojet + Clearmark to mark partnership anniversary at PPMA

CODING and marking systems manufacturers Videojet + Clearmark (ICE) have announced plans to celebrate their first year as one business at next week’s PPMA Show, showcasing a full suite of primary, secondary and tertiary equipment.

Since joining forces in September 2022, Videojet + Clearmark have combined their strengths to offer tailored solutions covering the entire manufacturing process. This encompasses the integration of various printing, coding, and marking processes.

The firms said their solutions ensure that each packaging unit, from individual items to larger cartons and pallets, is marked, coded, and labelled to meet regulatory requirements, enhance traceability, and facilitate efficient logistics. By merging teams, they now have over 50 field service engineers and sales team members across the UK and Ireland.

John Tierney, UK & Ireland country manager at Videojet + Clearmark, said, “By combining Videojet’s world class equipment portfolio with Clearmark’s system, design and service capabilities, we’ve been able to create a truly exceptional pack to pallet offer. It’s been a successful and greatly rewarding 12 months where we’ve focused on fine-tuning our joint offering.

“Our approach offers customers a service that reduces the likelihood of errors, decreases downtime caused by manual interventions, improves tracking accuracy, and ultimately enhances the efficiency of the supply chain.”

The integration of printing solutions is said to help secure product information throughout the packaging and distribution flow. This can be especially relevant in industries with strict regulations, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and industrial manufacturing.

Representatives will be on hand at PPMA to provide insights into a range of machines including TTO, CIJ, Laser technology, LPA, and pallet labelling systems. On display will be a selection of new printers and labellers. The Videojet 1580 C is described as a dedicated soft-pigmented contrast CIJ printer designed to print non-fading codes with a ‘consistent and quality’ contrast. The Videojet 1580 + CIJprinter assesses printer consumption patterns and offers guidance to help ensure error-proof operations with built-in Wi-Fi for secure wireless communications.

Designed for ‘seamless’ integration into warehouse management systems, the new VJ 9560 / Vector pallet labeller, meanwhile, is an automated pallet labelling system that delivers printing for up to 120 pallets per hour. An integrated bar code scanner checks label accuracy and automatically reprints labels where needed to reduce warehouse costs and mistakes.

Mr Tierney added, “Throughout the entire process, the focus on traceability and compliance remains paramount. Our customers can be confident that each level of packaging is precisely marked with the necessary information to ensure products can be traced back to their source, aiding in recalls, quality control, and regulatory compliance.”

Experts will also be showcasing the company’s cloud-based support system, Videojet Remote Support (VRS), which allows engineers to diagnose and address printer issues remotely.