‘Extraordinary’ student video highlights attributes of cartonboard

THE winner of the Pro Carton Student Video Award 2023 has been announced as The PRO’s of Carton, filmed and edited by Jasmin Hein and Sofia Rohnefeld from Höhere Graphische Bundes- Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Austria.

The triumph was confirmed during an annual awards gala in Seville, Spain.

Students were tasked with creating a short film highlighting the benefits of carton and cartonboard, in an ‘inventive, visionary’ way. 33 entries were received spanning 17 countries and more than 20 universities.

Alongside the jury awards, more than 1,100 votes were received to decide the Public Award winner from eight shortlisted entries.

The PRO’s of Carton was described as providing a ‘contemporary and creative’ way of showing the attributes of cartonboard. The students show how they conceived and designed 3D cartonboard letters to spell out ‘PRO’, and visually demonstrated the numerous applications of cartonboard in everyday life. They highlighted cartonboard’s recyclability potential and environmentally-friendly nature.

Judge Bady Minck said, “This is a really potent piece of work. The brilliant editing, composition, and content of the video is outstanding. A truly dynamic entry to the awards which deserves to take home first place.”

Fellow judge Simon Bolton added, “This film is a marvellous piece of work. I love the energy, meaning and editing of the video which really shows the strength of Pro Carton. Well done to the team behind this video, it is extraordinary!”

Receiving over a third of the votes, the Pro Carton Student Video Award 2023 Public Award winner was Diana Morgacheva from Italy’s Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi with her video ‘Metamorphosis: A Carton Story’. The short film shows the journey of a yoghurt holder becoming tea packaging, showing the recyclability of cartonboard, by mirroring the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

The video further highlights the versatility of the material, as many different examples of cartonboard packaging are shown throughout the story.

The Pro Carton Student Video Award 2023 Highly Commended entry was ‘The Circle of Life’, created by students Ulrike Rösch, Lea Schneiderbanger, Nele Wolff, Felicia Spiegler and Alina Biesolt from SRH Berlin School of Design and Communication in Germany. The video depicts the ways cartonboard is used throughout various life stages. The story showed the main character grow from infanthood to old age, with cartonboard continuously playing a role to shape their human identity, due to its durability and recyclability.

Winfried Muehling, head of marketing & communications at Pro Carton, said, “Every year the Pro Carton Student Video Award entrants showcase the upcoming talent and thoughtfulness of the next generation. During the judging day in Copenhagen the team had a very tough decision in choosing the 2023 winner. Pro Carton thanks and recognises all entrants to this year’s competition for delivering such high-quality short films.

“The Awards Gala held in Seville was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the students and teachers behind the top-ranking videos. These students have a bright future in their filmmaking careers, and it was great to see them promote cartonboard in a coordinated and meaningful way.”