Battles adopt Berlin Packaging UK’s new Dosing Bottle

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Battles have a rich history dating back to 1832, when it first began its journey as a manufacturer of animal medicines. Over the years, they have expanded into all areas of Equine and Rider needs along with dog and poultry products.

Today, Battles stands proudly as the UK’s most established provider of all major animal health, equestrian, and pet care brands to distributors and retailers throughout the country, many of which are available via a next-day delivery service. Battles manufacture and export their own range of brands to livestock owners across the world, as well as fulfilling contracted manufacturing for other brands within the industry.

Battles maintain commitment to innovation by investing in the latest cutting-edge technology and facilities, which enables them to provide accurate and efficient, end-to-end service, as well as an extensive range of exclusive products.

Adopting the packaging of choice

Originally, Battles had no intention of altering their bottle design. However, when Berlin Packaging UK introduced the Dosing Bottle, it emerged as a compelling alternative to their existing choice.

Once the Dosing Bottle was put to the test and evaluated by the team, a unanimous decision was reached and the Dosing Bottle quickly became the favoured choice.

The bottle used previously posed a challenge with automated filling machinery due to the presence of a side straw, causing them to consistently misalign on the conveyor belt.

In contrast, the Dosing Bottle’s design is perfectly compatible with this machinery, thanks to its streamlined shape. Additionally, unlike the old bottle which had two separate lids, the new design utilizes a single lid, resulting in savings in both time and cost.

Choosing Berlin Packaging UK over the competition

Battles identified cost and operational efficiency as the primary deciding factors in their decision-making process. Additionally, their choice was influenced by the patented design of the Dosing Bottle that is unique to Personal Care at Berlin Packaging UK.

The outcome

The main objective has been accomplished, with the Dosing Bottle and its corresponding lid proving significantly more cost-effective than the original bottle they employed. In light of the cost savings, Battles intend to maintain the use of the Dosing Bottle and explore the possibility of switching other products within their range to further these advantages.

About the Dosing Bottle

This innovative dosing bottle enables the user to dose a specific amount of liquid in 3 steps. It’s simple, smart, fast, and reliable.

This patented dosing system presents numerous advantages over existing concepts. Unlike systems that require the assembly or attachment of multiple components to the bottle, this design integrates with the entire packaging, eliminating the need for separate parts and ensuring a cohesive, efficient packaging system.

For the end user, the packaging is effortlessly ready for immediate use. There’s no need to worry about factors such as ensuring the correct orientation of the packaging or resorting to traditional methods like ‘squeezing the reservoir’. This dosing system is designed to be user-friendly and foolproof, making it immune to user-induced errors or manipulation.