Camvac relaunches ‘Rolls-Royce’ of transparent lidding films

CAMVAC has announced it has relaunched a range of AlOx barrier lidding film solutions, namely Camclear, Extrapet, and Extrapet PCR.

Re-engineered with a choice of gauges and widths, Camvac said the trio boasts ‘supreme’ gas and moisture barrier performance, transparency, and full recyclability.

Camclear is described as a chlorine-free, EVOH alternative barrier coating, available in a range of single-web substrates, including polyester, polyethene and polypropylene in thickness from 12um. Camclear features ‘exceedingly high’ barrier performance, both OTR and MVTR, which is critical for MAP/CAP packaging.

Extrapet and Extrapet PCR are polyester barrier lidding film solutions. Available with weld or peelable seal options, Camvac explained the premium grade polyester will heat seal through contamination, preventing leaks and food waste.

The Extrapet range includes retort films, also in weld and peelable grades, that have been developed to withstand the high temperatures during a retort sterilisation process. Camvac added that the firm’s in-house anti-fog coating offers ‘superior clarity’ which ensures ‘excellent light transmission and low haze values’. Extrapet PCR also contains over 30% Post-Consumer Recycled content, ensuring it falls outside the scope of UK Plastic Packaging Tax criteria.

Gary Chalkley, Camvac’s director of product development, said, “Camclear, Extrapet and Extrapet PCR are the Rolls-Royce of transparent lidding films. They were pretty impressive first time out but, after the extensive R&D work our team has put into re-engineering them, we’re confident that there are no better films on the market today. Certainly none with the sheer versatility combined with premium quality.

“As an added bonus the sealing range is an impressive 140 to 200 degrees Celsius, giving our customers the choice of running lines faster and using less energy to heat the machine. What’s not to love?”