Tamper-evident tape solution marks ‘exciting milestone’

FUTAMURA and Tamperguard have teamed up to develop a tamper-evident tape utilising Futamura’s renewable and compostable NatureFlex film.

The tape features ‘advanced’ security elements that make it easy to detect tampering. If an attempt is made to remove the tape, it will leave a non-stick ‘void’ message on the surface, indicating interference. The tape’s adhesive remains on the surface, preventing resealing and safeguarding the contents.

“The collaboration between Futamura and Tamperguard marks an exciting milestone in delivering sustainable tamper-evident solutions and represents a growing interest in the application of tapes using NatureFlex films,” said Christopher Tom, division manager of sales & marketing Futamura Americas. “We are thrilled to support Tamperguard in offering a tape that combines the unique properties and sustainability credentials of NatureFlex films with their expertise in tamper-evident technologies.”

The tape integrates into existing product lines and is described as featuring easy tear and cut properties to make it versatile for a wide range of applications.

Jesse Drori, representing Tamperguard, added, “As a leading provider of tamper-evident tapes and labels in the packaging industry since 1993, Tamperguard is committed to innovation. Our development of sustainable products, including these compostable film-based tamper-evident tapes, demonstrates our dedication to further reducing our environmental impact. Tamperguard’s upcoming move to a brand new net carbon zero building underscores our steadfast commitment to sustainability.”