Saica unveils automatic vertical storage system in Livingston

SAICA Pack has said it will improve its service to customers following the installation of a new fully automatic vertical storage system for corrugated boards in Livingston.

Delivered and installed by Duro Felguera Logistic Systems, the automated warehouse is made up of a self-supporting racking system 21m high, 20m wide, and 50m long, distributed over eight levels and two independent aisles.

The automatic machines are entirely designed, manufactured, programmed, and commissioned by Duro Felguera and are said to be characterised by their ‘robustness’, ‘reliability’, and ‘easy maintenance’.

The warehouse management system (WMS), also designed and developed by Duro Felguera and adapted to the needs of Saica Pack, allows the management of up to two different orders per rack cell, which is said to result in greater versatility and better optimisation of the use of the space available for storage.