New workflow solution ‘game-changing’ for labelling sector

A B Graphic International (ABG) has revealed it is confident that the launch of the firm’s automated workflow solution, ABG Connect, will be ‘game-changing’ for the labelling industry.

ABG Connect is designed to increase workflow automation by connecting all stages of the print and finishing process ‘seamlessly’ as one. The solution, which has been under development for nearly a decade, offers a fully automated print-finishing process.

During its evolution, partnerships with self-adhesive labels convertor, Mercian Labels, and MIS specialist, CERM, have resulted in the creation of a ‘plug-and-play’ solution that uses the JDF/JMF messaging format to connect a customer’s management information system to their ABG finishing line.

ABG described one of the main advantages as the ‘dramatic increase’ in productivity and operator efficiency it can provide. From their beta testing, efficiency savings of up to 75% are said to be achievable on a single machine, compared to multiple passes on multiple machines from other finishing solutions.

Additional benefits include time savings from a fully integrated zero-point inspection solution. ABG Connect also offers an automated job changeover process​.

In practice, the CERM MIS sends a file with the required job information to the ABG Connect software that contains all the data for the desired finishing, such as die-cutting, slitting, hot foil or varnish embellishments. As a new job is detected via a scanned QR code on the web, the information file is distributed throughout the ABG machine to automatically carry out the set-up needed to achieve the desired finishing effects.

Mark Norman, ABG’s technical director, said, “ABG Connect is the pinnacle of development work at the company and we’re proud of the advantages we see this generating for customers. For us, it really is an ‘automated revolution’, and to be leading the way in automated print finishing feels like a natural place for ABG to be.”