Food safety on the agenda at Ishida open house events

ISHIDA is inviting food producers to its Birmingham facility for its Food Safety X-ray Open House event July 4-6.

The event will demonstrate how advancements in x-ray inspection technology can help manufacturers meet rigorous food safety standards.

The manufacturer said preventative measures are key to managing the risk and minimising the threat of foreign body contamination, adding that today’s inspection tech allows the industry to deliver more advanced detection systems.

A wide range of quality control systems will be featured, including the recently launched IX-PD Photon Counting Dual Energy x-ray inspection system and Ishida’s DACS series of checkweighers. Visitors will also be able to bring their own non-allergenic food products for testing.

Industry 4.0 and the value of automation for food businesses will be among the themes at the event with Ishida also showcasing its Sentinel remote monitoring system.

“In an environment of increasingly stringent regulations and heightened food safety expectations from consumers, it has never been more important to have capable and reliable quality control systems in place,” said Glen Oxborough, Ishida Europe’s quality inspection control sales specialist. Product recalls are a consistent concern for food manufacturers, and we hope to demonstrate that – with the right systems in place – this concern can be alleviated.”

Those interested in attending can register their details on the Ishida Open House webpage: