Paper-bottomed cans provide sustainable solution for breakfast brand

PACKAGING manufacturer Sonoco has revealed how it helped breakfast cereals specialist OneDayMore convert its packaging to a more sustainable solution.

OneDayMore’s breakfast products include muesli, granola and porridge. Sonoco has converted its current packaging to EnviroCan featuring paper-bottomed cans.

Hoping to increase the uptake in recycling by end users, Wojciech Mlodawski, procurement director at OneDayMore, said, “We wanted to design our packaging in a way that used the most environmentally-friendly raw materials possible, while also ensuring consumers have no doubts about recycling the packaging at home, once the cereal inside was consumed.”

Previously, Poland-based OneDayMore was using Sonoco’s metal-end cans, but it has since added paper-bottomed cans to its packaging lines in 13 European markets – and hopes to expand into more. Its end goal is to have converted all of its packaging to paper by the end of 2024.

Mateusz Kurij, business development manager at Sonoco, added, “Sonoco has a responsibility to adopt and maintain sustainable practices, allowing us to develop packaging solutions with minimal impact to the environment. We are proud to be part of OneDayMore’s journey to make its packaging easier to recycle and meet their sustainability goals.”