SIG confirms ‘industry first’ 100% ASI-certified aluminium for aseptic carton packs

Image credit: SIG

SIG has announced another ‘industry first’ for responsible sourcing by purchasing 100% of the aluminium for SIG aseptic carton packs with certification to the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) standards globally from January 2023.

The business said it is the only packaging provider to offer aseptic cartons with ASI-certified aluminium and enable customers to include the ASI label on its packs.

“Achieving 100% ASI-certified aluminium for SIG aseptic carton packs marks another industry first from SIG and a significant milestone on the Way Beyond Good,” said Ian Wood, chief technology officer at SIG. “100% of our liquid packaging board is already purchased with FSC certification since 2021 and now we are continuing to deliver on our responsible sourcing ambitions by purchasing 100% ASI-certified aluminium.

“Customers can now include the ASI label, as well as the FSC label, on any SIG pack to show consumers these materials are sourced responsibly.”

SIG explained that ASI sets ‘leading standards’ for responsible aluminium production and sourcing, covering a range of ethical, environmental and social topics, including limits on carbon emissions in the production of aluminium.

ASI-certified aluminium foil will be rolled out as the new standard for SIG aseptic carton packs, starting with customers that launch new SKUs or change their package design.