New machine has flexibility in the bag for snacks producers

ISHIDA Europe has announced the launch of a new vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagmaker, described as delivering a 30% increase in speed compared to previous models.

The INSPIRA Box Motion is said to be particularly effective for food manufacturers that want to reduce costs and ensure an ‘error-free’ production whilst maintaining a flexible operation.

Ishida revealed that rising energy costs, labour shortages, and supply chain issues are some of the challenges currently faced by snacks customers. The firm explained that in order to meet these challenges and market requirements, manufacturers are seeking ‘exceptional’ levels of adaptability and future-proofing from packaging equipment.

The INSPIRA Box Motion can operate in both continuous and intermittent motion modes. Ishida added that this enables it to handle a variety of products and pack formats, including the introduction of recyclable film and paper packs, while maintaining ‘excellent’ seal quality and integrity.

Box motion technology allows the sealing jaw motion to operate in both vertical and in/out horizontal planes. This means more uniform pressure is applied over the entire area of the jaws.

The product features a new splice table light-bar for ‘easier and faster’ automatic film splicing. Capable of completing a film splice cycle in just 20 seconds, Ishida said this addition enables operators to manage more machines per head and can result in cost savings.

Switching between continuous and intermittent motion can be carried out through pre-settings with no change parts or operator intervention required.

Ishida explained the INSPIRA Box Motion uses 17% less energy when in operation and 25% less energy on standby than previous models. The open structure also enhances access to components such as the forming tube, film spindle and tension roller. A menu-driven Human Machine Interface (HMI) screen provides performance data and diagnostics.

“The snacks market is being driven by ongoing product and packaging developments, and remains fiercely competitive,” said Andrew Green, snacks business unit manager, Ishida Europe. “Our new INSPIRA Box Motion has been designed to allow manufacturers to continually adapt to the latest market trends while offering a new level of automation and efficiency. This minimises the chance of human error and helps to consistently produce quality bags while cutting costs and increasing profitability.”