Dantex certified to use Color-Logic with Pico digital presses

DANTEX Group has announced it has had its range of Pico UV inkjet digital presses certified for label production using the Color-Logic metallic colour system.

Color-logic is a colour communication software system for digital print used to deliver metallic colours onto silver substrates giving a ‘premium’ feel, the digital label press manufacturer stated.

Using a series of palettes and plugins, this system is said to give the ability to create ‘stunning’ designs for labels. Dantex added that Color-Logic’s decorative effects utilise the existing workflows of printers and designers, yielding ‘dynamic’ results without the use of special equipment.

“We are delighted to certify the Dantex Pico range of digital presses for use with Color-Logic,” said Mark Geeves, Color-Logic’s sales and marketing director. “With the certification, Dantex joins the broad array of press and printer manufacturers enabling print providers to confidently offer Color-Logic metallics to their customers.”

Dantex’s digital management team added, “Dantex is pleased to partner with Color-Logic and offer our customers assurance that their metallic files can be produced predictably and reliably, even from job to job over time. Consistency in label colours is extremely important to Dantex customers, and Color-Logic reliably extends that consistency to complex metallic images and solid colours.”