SEAL of approval for compostable packaging business

Daphna Nissenbaum

TIPA is celebrating after winning the Sustainable Product Award at the 2022 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards.

The company was recognised for its solution to global plastic pollution using compostable packaging technology.

TIPA offers a wide range of compostable packaging solutions for the food and fashion industries. The material is designed to fit into the circular economy.

Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and co-founder of TIPA, said, “Putting TIPA compostable packaging, along with organic materials like food and yard waste, into compost piles, where they all break down together, results in an end product of rich soil. Through increased composting, we can seize the opportunity to mitigate climate change and ensure an adequate future food supply for the world.

“We are extremely honoured to receive the SEAL Sustainable Product Award for TIPA Compostable Packaging Solutions at your 2022 Business Sustainability Awards. TIPA’s certified compostable packaging offers a real solution to the global plastic predicament. By working together along the entire supply chain, and using advanced technologies and innovations, we will continue to solve the plastic challenge.” 

Matt Harney, SEAL Awards founder, commented, “Companies have a unique opportunity and responsibility to drive environmental progress where politics cannot. Our corporate sustainability awards celebrate organisations that embrace the responsibility to effect positive change.

“Most business sustainability initiatives are unglamorous and invisible to the general public despite having significant positive impacts – we hope our awards bring some much-needed recognition to both the activities and the leaders behind them.”