New testing lab predicted to speed up food packaging projects

BERRY Superfos has revealed it has established an in-house material testing lab to provide customers with ‘fast and reliable’ assessment and quality testing of raw materials for new food pack solutions.

The facility, which is accredited for the chemical testing and sampling of plastic products, has been tipped to speed up new product development projects.

Located at the Berry Superfos factory in Lubień, Poland and offering services to customers globally, the new lab is staffed by scientists, compliance specialists and technicians.

“As raw material compositions get increasingly complex and we use more recycled materials for food packaging, efficient testing on time becomes even more vital than before,” said Josef Björck, COO of Berry Superfos. “Our investment in the in-house laboratory will enable our customers to get faster raw material testing to facilitate swift product development.

“Further, by obtaining an accreditation, we can document to our customers that all tests are carried out according to international standards.”

The site currently offers seven different accredited testing methods and is capable of performing product and material tests of overall migration in water-based simulants as well as in olive oil by filling or immersion. Berry added that future plans include the doubling of capacity for testing overall migration and for developing methodologies for specific migration.

“Thanks to the laboratory’s expertise, we can now offer our customers accurate testing of raw materials for food product packaging as an integrated part of the development process,” said Michał Kamiński, divisional regulatory compliance manager, Berry Superfos. “This gives them quicker lead times in new product development.

“According to the needs of individual customers, we can even establish and maintain customer-tailored testing plans. And in case of claims related to food safety, we can make initial assessments much faster than previously.”