Sealed Air achieves milestone in producing vegan-compliant packaging solutions

SEALED Air has announced it has become the first producer of certified vegan-compliant flexible packaging after receiving The Vegan Trademark for its CRYOVAC brand Sealappeal range.

The business has already received the Vegan Quality certification by replacing any animal derivatives in its CRYOVAC brand food packaging with non-animal fats and hydrocarbon waxes.

To further support food retailers and manufacturers moving into the alternative protein market, Sealed Air explained that it strived to secure The Vegan Society Trademark. Sealappeal was recently awarded the certification after meeting the ‘stringent’ requirements.

Matt Baldock, Sealed Air’s business development, retail and sustainability leader for North-West Europe, Benelux and South Africa, said, “Achieving the Vegan Trademark is a huge step forward for Sealed Air, grocery retailers and food manufacturers. It’s a trademark that is instantly recognisable for consumers and its award will help to engage shoppers in the fast-growing vegan market.

“This is a huge area of growth potential for food businesses looking to bring meat alternatives to market. Sealed Air aims to be one of the leading producers of vegan-compliant packaging solutions and our Sealappeal products are just the start of this exciting journey.”

Sealed Air is now working with The Vegan Society to look at securing the Vegan Trademark for products in its vacuum skin packaging range, CRYOVAC brand Darfresh.

The business will also work with the organisation to develop a new logo that will help retailers communicate to consumers where both product and packaging are vegan-compliant in accordance with EU law Regulation (EC) 178/2002, article 16.

The Sealappeal range is said to offer high barrier film solutions for alternative proteins. Sealed Air said it ‘guarantees’ product shelf-life up to 12 months, to help minimise waste and improve sustainability. The mono-PET material is also recycle-ready, and capable of being recycled in PET recycling streams.

Aldo Galbusera, EMEA marketing manager for Sealed Air, added, “The vegan-compliant range of CRYOVAC brand Sealappeal products deliver the same performance features and benefits that food businesses expect of the brand and remain compatible with automated packaging lines offered by Sealed Air and its equipment partners. As a business we are always looking at areas of innovation that will deliver a positive contribution to global environmental goals.

“Producing packaging solutions that make it more accessible for food manufacturers and retailers to utilise vegan-compliant packaging for their meat alternatives, without compromise, is a positive step forward and we are looking forward to working with The Vegan Society to add the respected trademark to more CRYOVAC brand products soon.”