Loma standing tall with new inspection system

LOMA Systems has introduced the latest addition to its X5 X-ray inspection series – the X5 SideShoot – which the manufacturer explained has been designed and engineered specifically for the inspection of taller products.

By using ‘dynamic detection’, Loma said the X5 SideShoot carries out a series of product inspections looking for unwanted contaminants. It can also estimate fill level, check for missing content, and determine whether a package is damaged.

The X5 SideShoot system can inspect product packaging up to 265mm in height, including plastic bottles, glass jars with metal lids, aluminium cans, plastic tubs and pots, tetra pack cartons, cardboard cans, and tubes.

Boasting a line speed of up to 50m/min, the system is said to facilitate easy set up and use, with Loma Learn function ensuring it can change ‘dynamically’ as the customer switches products.

Features include a 15″ colour touchscreen, multilevel password access storing data logged events for traceability, and better digital detection to reduce electrical interference for image optimisation. A beam shutter design with automatic idle is designed to reduce the amount of energy used when no product is passing.

“As the food and packaging market evolves, there is an increasing demand to offer more innovative solutions to our customers’ challenges,” said Toby Kemp, LOMA’s director of marketing & innovation. “The New X5 SideShoot has been specifically designed and engineered to help our customers deliver new packaging technologies, successfully inspect products that are taller versus width, promote sustainability and enhance food safety.”