Avery Dennison makes plastic pallet commitment with new partnership

AVERY Dennison Labels and Packaging Materials (LPM) has announced a new partnership with Tosca, a specialist in reusable plastic packaging and pooling solutions for the supply chain.

The move means Avery Dennison LPM is aiming to switch a ‘substantial portion’ of its product distribution across the continent to plastic pallets with the goal of saving over 800 tons of CO2 emissions annually from its European supply chain.

Tosca estimates that its plastic pallets can be used over 100 times and, at end of life, are recycled.

Avery Dennison added that the collaboration will cover the distribution of materials from factories and distribution centres across the EU as well as the UK, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey. Deployments will gradually be phased in over the next year.

Tosca operates a pooling model and delivers pallets from its service centres across Europe to Avery Dennison sites. The pallets are inspected and washed after every rotation. At the end of every year, Avery Dennison and its customers taking part in the pooling programme will receive a CO2 emissions reduction certificate.

The programme has been trialled for almost a year for shipments from an Avery Dennison distribution centre in Dublin to customers in Ireland.

Violeta Gómez, central packaging leader at Avery Dennison, said, “The pooling programme has been a massive success in Ireland and is helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate waste within the supply chain. Customers appreciate the fact that plastic pallets offer standard quality: they are cleaner (dust-free) and with less risk of damaging their products.

“Avery Dennison’s and Tosca’s plastic pallet pooling vision doesn’t stop after the pallets arrive to the customer. We encourage customers to take the chance to extend the pooling programme further down the supply chain to end-users and help grow the eco system further.”

Felix Van Ouytsel, business development manager at Tosca, added, “Tosca provides solutions that enable companies across the world to eliminate wasted materials, miles, space and labor to make the entire supply chain more sustainable. As the largest pooler of plastic pallets in Europe, we deliver a combination of reusable products, a flexible global service network and a committed partnership which will benefit Avery Dennison and its customers. We look forward to this partnership and are very happy to welcome Avery Dennison to the Tosca family.”

To take part in the pooling programme, Avery Dennison customers are being advised to contact their local sales representatives.