Pro Carton Student Video Award winners confirmed


THE winners of the Pro Carton Student Video Award 2022 have been announced at the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA) Congress in Krakow, Poland.

More than 250 spectators attended the ceremony, with the award designed to challenge students to make short movies that explore the benefits of cartonboard as a packaging material. 60 submissions were received from schools and universities from 19 countries across Europe.

Such was the high quality of entries, jurors chose two top prize winners, with three entries receiving the ‘Highly Commended’ award.

The first winner of the Pro Carton Student Video Award was ‘The carton family: a recycle story’, created by Marco Scirè, Shailu Flammini, Stefania Squitieri and Aurora Italiano from Accademia Italiana. The students highlighted the longevity and durability of cartonboard over time through the depiction of a carton family, viewing their grandparent’s life experiences in a family photo album. The enduring presence of cartonboard is reinforced with a powerful message at the end: ‘With recycling, the history of cartons never ends’. The judges applauded the team’s creativity, with judge Simon Bolton stating, ‘it’s a very big, powerful idea’.

The carton family

The second winning entry was Cartonovella, by Moritz Hilker, Lærke Blix Hagemann, Kenneth Dumevi and Benedek Tikk from SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. Cartonovella is described as a satirical and humorous short film about a quick rise to fame thanks to cartonboard. A woman finds herself at a low point after an unfortunate affair that has left her in the street. Her fortune changes when she finds a stack of cartonboard on the street, which she transforms into a striking dress. This lands her in a high-fashion magazine. The judges admired the inventiveness and originality of the entry, appreciating the way it portrayed cartonboard as ‘trendy and modern’.

Cartonovella also scooped the Public Award.

In addition to the two winners, three entries were ‘Highly Commended’. The first was ‘CARTon – The Race’, in which Lea Giczy, Emelie Friedl and Filip Pich from die Graphische, Higher Graphical Federal Education and Research Institute, set out to build their own racing machines out of carton.

The second entry to be ‘Highly Commended’ was ‘I’ve Met Someone’, by Ezgi Dora and Hugo Landrey from the University of Surrey. In the video, the protagonist breaks up with her ‘unsustainable relationship’ with plastic packaging. She introduces her new ‘partner’ Carton, describing him as the better option for herself and the environment. 

The third ‘Highly Commended’ entry was ‘The Encounter’, by Hugo Landrey and Ezgi Dora from the University of Surrey. The film emphasises the recycling credentials of cartonboard using a recycling bin as the protagonist, which rejects anything other than cartonboard products.

Winfried Muehling, general manager of Pro Carton, said, “It was an absolute pleasure to join the jury for the Pro Carton Student Video Award. It was fascinating to see sustainable packaging through the lens of the next generation of talented students. I was dazzled by the originality and diversity of the entries, and the contrasting way in which they were able to convey the benefits of cartonboard through film. I would like to extend a big thank you to all the students who put so much time and thought into their submissions, as well as RDM for sponsoring this year’s award.”

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