Packaging specialists team up on new circular solutions

TIPA has announced it has teamed up with Aquapak Polymers to deliver a range of research-led material where there are currently ‘no workable alternatives’.

The newest solution is a high barrier and PVDC-free compostable film for packaging.

TIPA has developed a range of compostable films and laminates including its recent release of T.LAM 608, a home-compostable transparent solution for food packaging.

Aquapak’s Hydropol, a water-soluble polymer, is based on Polyvinyl Alcohol, which is described as having a ‘unique synergy’ with bio-based polymers. It is said to give barrier and strength functionality whilst retaining ‘multiple’ end-of-life options.

Initially TIPA revealed it will focus on the introduction of compostable polymers in combination with Hydropol to bring new high barrier and PVDC-free compostable film technology to the market. In addition, the two companies are working on future development aimed at increasing the functionality of paper-based packaging, which will be organically recyclable.

TIPA explained the combination of its compostable polymers and Hydropol as a laminated or co-extruded film, in novel blends or as coatings on paper, allows new designs that fit the circular economy whilst targeting both primary performance and end-of-life.

Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and co-founder of TIPA, said, “We are at the forefront of product development using high-quality material solutions – but there is an urgent need to drive more innovation in the industry. The collaboration with Aquapak will create a broad range of compostable solutions, and will open doors to combine our skills, amplify the voices supporting organic recycling solutions and introduce more viable alternatives for consumers.”

Mark Lapping, CEO, Aquapak, added, “The current need for complex material combinations shows there is no ‘silver bullet’ for the material sector that addresses the need for functionality in packaging, whilst creating end of life options for designing truly circular packaging solutions. Aquapak’s collaboration with TIPA, combines the capabilities of both businesses, to develop these new material combinations at scale, that enable the design of packaging that has both functional performance and environmental responsibility; therefore, increasing the choice of environmental benefits for consumers, without having to compromise on their functionality.”