Fresh pasta delivery company unveils new compostable packaging

FRESH pasta delivery company, Nonna Tonda, has unveiled new compostable bags from KM Packaging.

KM Packaging said Nonna Tonda had been seeking a packaging solution that would retain the freshness of the pasta and fit their mailing boxes, whilst also being an alternative to traditional plastic and allowing for improved branding on-pack.

The solution found was the C-Bag, a printed industrially-compostable zipper bag from KM Packaging’s C-Range that has been developed in partnership with Treetop Biopak.

KM Packaging explained the C-Range of compostable bio-plastic packaging has similar properties, look and feel as conventional plastic and also includes shrink wrap, stretch wrap, cling film, adhesive tape, and nets. The products will biodegrade if disposed of properly through home composting or industrial composting, depending on the material.

As part of their selection process, the bags were initially tested at Nonna Tonda and proved ‘perfectly suited’ to the production and supply chain requirements. The bags protect and preserve the product delivered by post and present an effective print design for the brand.

James French, who started Nonna Tonda alongside his wife Rebecca, said, “The bags are resealable and allow our product to remain fresh for longer periods. Also, our branding requirements were met by the bag being customisable. In addition, the bags have helped us to be even more eco-friendly and have improved customer satisfaction.

“We have received excellent service, all our requirements were handled with swiftness and ease, and we have gained the exact product for our needs.”