Spirits are high in Kirkcaldy thanks to new bottling line

Example of an MBF Synchrofill rinser, filler, capper block

A new spirits facility that allows bottling and packaging from small volumes in single casks to 30,000 litre tankers has been established by QAS Group in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

The bottling facility can store, blend and prepare all spirit types, pre-bottling. Capabilities consist of manual, semi-automatic and automatic bottling lines catering for all production run-sizes, covering a range of shapes and sizes from 3cl and 5cl miniatures to six litre bottles. Services include bottle sleeving, bonded rework and luxury gift packing, warehousing, and transport.

The facility hosts a new bottling and packaging line provided, installed and commissioned by Evolution Bottling and Packaging Solutions. At the heart of the 1,800 bottle per hour line is a nine-head MBF Synchrofill rinser, filler, capper block supplied with adjustable change parts and universal transfer scrolls to accommodate a range of cylindrical bottle sizes and certain shaped products.

Evolution explained the semi-automatic clean in place system facilitates ‘efficient sanitisation’ between products and occurs without the use of dummy bottles.

Secondary sealing of the bottle caps is provided by a Robino and Galandrino capsulator predisposed for PVC, tin and polylaminate capsules.

An automatic rotary modular labeller from P.E. Labellers provides three self-adhesive labelling stations for the application of front, back and neck labels. The modular design is described as bringing a degree of future proofing as labelling stations can be added or changed to accommodate different requirements.

The line also includes a case sealer from TMG and a case weigher from Logics and Controls. Conveyoring and line control was also supplied by Evolution BPS and installed by the company’s Scotland-based team of engineers.

Director David Harris said, “I have worked with Evolution on many projects over the last 10 years or so and always found them to be thorough, professional and a good company to work with.”