High-speed digital printer ‘breaks new ground’ in sustainable packaging

CORRUGATED packaging specialist Weedon PSC has announced it has installed a new high-speed digital printer which ‘breaks new ground’ in the manufacture of environmentally-friendly packaging.

The machine, a Hanway HighJet 2500 REVO Pro, is described as the first of its kind to be installed in the UK. The fully automated machine uses water-based ink, which Weedon explained makes it safe for food contact and enables the packaging it produces to be fully recyclable.

The model has been installed at Weedon PSC’s factory in Staffordshire, where it will help to meet rising demand for e-commerce, personalised packaging and Point of Sale (POS) displays.

Weedon added that the machine is suited for a range of work and increases the viability of smaller runs, both for packaging and the production of display stands. The printer offers opportunities for the personalisation of small runs of packaging for e-commerce retailers, while it can print onto a variety of substrates, making it suitable for the production of items such as posters and banners.

Operations director Peter Weedon said, “We were looking for the right digital printer technology that would be easy to run, offer good levels of output with high quality print and, most importantly, provide a sustainable packaging solution. Although this is a UK first, Hanway have sold over 300 multi-pass digital printing machines globally and the REVO Pro has a proven track record.

“The machine stands out from the competition in so many ways but, with our high standards of sustainability, what particularly appealed to us was its use of water-based inks. For many of our customers, traditional UV inks are no longer a real option. This printer takes us another step closer to a fully sustainable manufacturing operation.”