SIG unveils new digital smart factory solution

SIG has announced the launch of a new digital smart factory solution, called Plant 360 Asset Health Monitoring, designed to help food and beverage manufacturers increase productivity, meet the highest quality demands, and reduce costs.

By monitoring and analysing data from SIG filling machines via the new integrated software solution, SIG said its team can ‘transform’ this into insights and prevent unplanned downtimes.

Almarai, a major food and beverage manufacturing and distribution company in the Middle East, is SIG’s first customer to use the resource.

Robert Ross, dairy & juice manufacturing manager CCP2 at Almarai, said, “SIG’s smart factory solutions, including the new Plant 360 Asset Health Monitoring, provide essential monitoring of our various filling line parameters and flag any irregularities. This continuous feedback and corrective actions allow us to avoid unplanned downtime in running filling lines.”

Dr Christian Grefrath, senior global product manager service at SIG, added, “By regularly monitoring the data of SIG filling machines, our service increases the utilisation of the filling equipment at our customers’ manufacturing sites to reduce unplanned downtime. This significantly reduces costs yet increases sales opportunities for our customers.”

SIG added that it has set up a network of ‘reliability centres’ globally to ensure experts can analyse data from its filling lines and provide insights.