Scotland’s public water taps ‘save one million single-use plastic bottles’

SCOTTISH Water has announced that the nation’s ‘expanding’ network of new public water taps has saved the equivalent of one million single-use plastic bottles through the use of refilling.

There are now 60 bright blue taps installed throughout the country in parks, town and city centres, beaches, woodlands and visitor hotspots.

The first was switched on outside the Scottish Parliament in 2018 and more will be installed over the coming 18 months.

The taps provide free public mains supply water – and digitally log how much water is used.

Douglas Millican, Scottish Water chief executive, said, “It’s easy to enjoy our nation’s tap water in the home – but when people are out and about, we want them to be able to stay refreshed. It’s great that so many people have used the taps, saving the equivalent of one million single-use plastic bottles. Thank you to everyone who fills up from a public water tap with a refillable bottle.”