SIG confirms multi-million pound investment in new tech facility

SIG has announced the business is investing €12 million in a pilot plant of its new Tech Center Europe, which will be located close to the company’s packaging plants in Linnich, Germany.

SIG said the new centre is being designed to help expedite new product and packaging development to meet the demand for more sustainable packaging solutions.

The new plant will host extrusion and finishing technology as well as ‘advanced’ quality measurement systems and testing equipment, SIG explained, adding that this will increase serial production processability, system validation and future digital technology capacities.

The centre is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2022.

Marcel Schopen, department manager test field, prototype & pilot plant at SIG, said, “Our new Tech Center Europe will make us even faster and more efficient in bringing new products and packaging solutions to market. It will help our customers to keep one step ahead of trends and changing consumer demands. In the pilot plant and test field of our Tech Center we support all processes from start to finish, including sleeve production, filling products and pallet packing.”