Paper void fill system launched to benefit e-commerce firms

SEALED Air has announced the launch of a new paper void fill system aimed at helping e-commerce companies to scale up and meet demand for orders.

The new Sealed Air brand FasFil Jr has been designed to combine all the ‘key’ performance features that enable companies to move from low to medium volume packaging outputs, the firm added.

FasFil Jr has been developed as a ‘plug and play’ system for quick set up and easy operation. Sealed Air revealed it can create custom void fill material using 100% recycled fanfold paper. Features include toolless jam clearing and anti-jam sensors.

Eric Van Der Kallen, EMEA platform manager protective packaging solutions inflatables and paper at Sealed Air, said, “Rising e-commerce demand can quickly outpace packaging capabilities and create bottlenecks that delay the delivery of customer orders and negatively impact overall productivity. This can be particularly challenging for smaller businesses, which don’t always have the time and resource, space in their premises or capital to upgrade packaging systems.

“FasFil Jr overcomes these issues. It’s a cost-effective paper void fill system that’s small in size, but big on performance. It’s easy to position and fit in busy and tight workspaces, whilst its overall design and functionality have been engineered for ease of use and excellent uptime.”

The system can either be set up as floor standing or mounted on a table-top stand. It converts 380mm fanfold paper in 50gsm or 57gsm weights and has multiple modes including cut and hold, manual, and custom-sized outputs.