Mira bottle meets ‘convenience and sustainability’ goals

A new bottle for table sauces and condiments has been launched by Berry M&H, claiming to meet demand for packaging that is both convenient and improves sustainability.

The Mira 475ml is manufactured in polypropylene (PP) and can be recycled afterwards. The product features an EVOH barrier layer that is said to deliver ‘exceptionally good’ protection for oxygen sensitive products.

For food manufacturers, the bottle can handle both cold and hot filling (up to 95°C), while Berry said its wide neck makes it easy to fill on existing filling lines.

Available with a variety of closures, the bottle can also be specified in a range of colours.

Caroline Smith, area sales manager, Berry M&H, said, “The Mira bottle is another important addition to our range, extending the wide choice of designs and sizes we have available and enabling us to tailor solutions to the precise needs of individual customers.”