Streamlining your supply chain

This article contains paid-for content created in collaboration with Bruni Erben.

Bruni Erben is a leading supplier of glass, closures and machinery for the spirits, beverage, food, pharmaceutical and home fragrance markets. Founded in 1951, the company has developed and diversified, and today offers an extensive catalogue of stock items, a design team which delivers world class expertise to yield extraordinary results on bespoke products, and industry-leading technical support.

Its in-house product design studio, and a partnership with the Bruni Glass Innovation Center in Milan, allows the business to bring unparalleled expertise to a project development. Bruni Erben also has a wide range of services, including fully bespoke glass, embossing, decoration and custom closures, through to labels and outer packaging; it supports customers from concept to commercialisation.

Beyond increasing brand revenues, effective design can also reduce costs and improve productivity. On-time delivery of the products needed is paramount to a business. Bruni Erben partners with its transport companies to ensure clients get the high quality of service they deserve. The business also has a highly focused and experienced logistics team that manages all aspects of each delivery, whether it’s for just one urgent carton or a container load.

The Bruni Erben team can also manage stock holding and fulfil customer requirements whether utilising stock usage forecasts or short notice requests. With project management, rapid prototyping solutions and UK stock holding facilities, Bruni Erben – in partnership with Bruni Glass and Berlin Packaging – offers many services to streamline a supply chain, boost profits and enhance brand recognition.

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