Innis & Gunn unveils new clear packs to showcase ‘vibrant’ beer

NEW clear packs have been unveiled for two Innis & Gunn ranges as the brewer looks to showcase the ‘vibrant and varied’ colours of its beers.

Alongside the new Original and Caribbean Rum Cask pack designs, the Edinburgh-headquartered firm has also updated the labelling to better explain what to expect in taste and how the beverage was made.

Dougal Gunn Sharp, founder and master brewer at Innis & Gunn, said, “Our new look, led by our flagship beer, The Original, is another step forward for Innis & Gunn. There is no change to the beers themselves in terms of taste or the methods we use to brew them. Our drinkers love our beers and Innis & Gunn performs well around the world, so there is absolutely no need to change their recipes.

“We are extremely proud of the beer we make. We believe this rebrand simply brings our packaging in line with the quality of beer within the bottle. The new look is standout both in its design and its confidence. We are clearly showing the different liquid colours of our beers, better describing their provenance and our innovative brewing methods and we are sure this is a move that will be welcomed by our current and new drinkers.”