Morrisons launches shampoo bars in cardboard cartons

MORRISONS has launched an own-brand range of shampoo and conditioner bars in fully recyclable cardboard cartons.

The supermarket said that the bars, which are made in Scotland, use less water to manufacture than traditional haircare products and are lighter to transport, so have a smaller carbon footprint than a standard shampoo bottle. The grocer added that families can go through multiple bottles of shampoo and conditioner per month.

Karena Hung, health & beauty development manager at Morrisons, said, “Our customers are telling us they want more sustainable options, not only for their groceries, but for their beauty products too. We’re excited to launch these new shampoo and conditioner bars under our own brand, so customers can pick them up as easily as they would regular bottles of shampoo and conditioner, with their weekly shop.”