Natural packaging material tipped for food sector growth

FIBREPAK, which is described as a natural packaging material that uses thermoformed wet pulp, has been tipped to make a big impact in the food industry as it is set to be granted a Declaration of Compliance (DOC) for food contact materials.

The EU’s food contact legislation sets out requirements that business operators provide a written DOC for some types of food contact materials.

Fibrepak is a sub-brand of TEQ, which was acquired a year ago by Sonoco. Made in Europe from FSC-certified materials, Fibrepak is said to have several features that make it ‘ideal’ for the food sector including a smooth surface, recyclability with paper, dust-free, moisture-resistance, and stackability.

“We launched Fibrepak in response to a growing demand from customers that were keen to embrace sustainability,” said Anne-Sophie Belamine, European sales director at TEQ. “Now it has been granted a Declaration of Compliance we expect it to establish itself as a leading player in the food sector industry.

“The advent of thermoformed fibre gave us a great opportunity to combine this latest technology with our vast experience of thermoforming to deliver bespoke, complex and high-quality packaging for a range of customers, including those in fruit and veg.”

TEQ said that during the manufacturing process, natural fibres are converted into high tolerance thermoformed pulp products using a ‘unique’ vacuum technique and ‘cure-in-the-mould’ technology. This uses heat and pressure to press and evaporate fluid from the fibres, said to leave a ‘completely dry product’ at the end of the process that is ready for packing.