Aldi to launch new packaging across its own-brand boxed cereal

ALDI is to introduce 100% recyclable packaging for its own-brand boxed cereal in a move which it says will save 650 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic annually.

The supermarket said it will replace the plastic inner bags holding the cereal with a recyclable alternative before the end of 2020.

The move comes as part of Aldi’s pledge for all of its own-brand packaging to be recyclable, compostable or re-usable by the end of 2022, and for all packaging to be so by 2025.

Chris McKenry, plastics and packaging director at Aldi, said, “Making such a popular product range fully recyclable will have a huge positive impact. Our focus is to offer quality at the lowest price on the market, and we believe that means more than simply offering great products – we have to provide customers with environmentally-sustainable options they can afford too.

“We’ve set ambitious targets to reduce our environmental impact and will continue to step up our efforts to achieve them. This change to our cereal range is just one of a number of initiatives we have in the pipeline that will help us to reach our goal of all packaging, including branded products, being recyclable, compostable or reusable in the next five years.”