New egg packs offer ‘flexible cushioning’ to prevent breakages

CORRUGATED packaging manufacturer Weedon PSC has created new packs designed to protect single eggs in recipe boxes.

The packaging has been developed for health-focused food box company, Mindful Chef, which distributes thousands of recipe boxes containing eggs around the UK every week.

Mindful Chef was reportedly experiencing breakages using plastic containers and needed packaging that would guarantee the eggs would arrive undamaged. The company also wanted to switch to recyclable and sustainable packaging in line with its health-conscious ethos.

Weedon PSC revealed its egg box relies on ‘clever structural design’. One-piece packaging made from 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard holds each individual egg in its own cushioned box to protect it during transportation. Because eggs do not come in identical shapes and sizes, the box is said to provide flexible cushioning for a ‘snug, secure’ fit.

Weedon PSC said the firm received the enquiry on a Thursday and, by Tuesday the following week, the new packaging had been designed with a trial production run of the first 5,000 individual egg boxes manufactured and delivered.

David Waller, buying manager of Mindful Chef, said, “The turnaround time was simply amazing and we’re very grateful to the Weedon PSC team in pulling off the impossible. We also really appreciated them going to our recipe box packers and running through how the pack is made up – great customer service and a big thumbs up from us!”