Lab investment boosts remote packaging design options

MACFARLANE Packaging has revealed that customers can now work remotely with designers and receive instantly produced prototypes, following new investment at the company’s Innovation Lab.

Working with AG/CAD, the Macfarlane Packaging Innovation Lab in Milton Keynes has developed remote design working using the latest version of KASEMAKE 12 CAD software. The company explained that integration with a cloud-based solution has enabled the software to work ‘seamlessly’ in the field with real time synchronisation of data.  This means that designs created remotely can be sampled immediately at the lab’s prototyping facility.

Richard Garratt, Macfarlane’s technical design manager, said, “Mobilising our designers with cloud-integrated KASEMAKE 12 has enabled us to adapt the delivery of our specialist design services to work remotely with customers in compliance with Covid-19 restrictions. This investment also further extends our capability to support customers across the UK and Europe.”

Paul Andrade from AG/CAD added, “Macfarlane’s vision for remote origination of KASEMAKE CAD designs with instant, anywhere-access was a technical challenge. As customers move to the cloud, this type of software development is key and we set out to ensure this functionality is supported by the latest version of our CAD software KASEMAKE 12. The project has been a great success and we are very pleased to have played a key part in Macfarlane’s remote design workflow.”