Ferrari Packaging and Papier Sprick announce exciting Scottish partnership


FERRARI Packaging has teamed up with German company, Papier Sprick, as sole Scottish partner to bring a range of German-made paper systems to the Scottish market.  

Specialising in recycled paper, Sprick is a packaging firm that has had its headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany for over 130 years. Sprick now produces and processes environmentally friendly paper at a total of five facilities all over Germany. The owner-managed family enterprise have their own paper mill and develop and construct machinery for customer packaging applications such as the SpeedMan Classic, SpeedMan Pro and PaperJet. It also offers customers individually designed and tailored solutions. The system provider has long standing customers involved in many sectors including industrial manufacturing, online mail order businesses and automotive.

These synergies are why Sprick has approached Ferrari Packaging to be its sole partner for the Scottish market.  Nick Wood, Managing Director explains, “Ferrari Packaging, with its family-owned traditions and multiple distribution sites in Scotland really resonate with Sprick. Tony Ferrari and his team are well placed and vastly experienced in selling systems-based solutions to the Scottish market. We are excited and committed to growing our market share in Scotland and sharing our success with a partner with a similar vision and outlook.”

Packing and shipping packages every day requires the logistics processes to be well organised and reliable. This is an area where every business faces growing demand for environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging.  Representative consumer surveys make it clear that sustainability plays a crucial role in the purchase decision. Consequently, a clear majority of over 75% of customers are willing to pay an extra charge for environmentally friendly packaging. The perception of ecological products is noticeably influenced by the best-known sustainability certifications, such as Germany’s Blue Angel which Sprick has been awarded.

Blue Angel – the German ecolabel

The Blue Angel is the world’s oldest environmental label, and for decades now, has been a familiar ecolabel for recycled paper. As its the oldest symbol with the highest ecological standards for paper, it’s deemed the most environmentally friendly choice for consumers and purchasers.  The Blue Angel not only stands for the use of 100% wastepaper, it is also a guarantee that no chlorine, optical brighteners, halogenated bleaches, and other chemicals that are harmful to health are used in production processes. Chief Executives from German corporate enterprises such as Lufthansa, Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Post are all actively promoting to change to recycled paper, particularly to manufacturers who have been awarded Blue Angel Ecolabel.

Ferrari Packaging

Ferrari Packaging, founded in 2002, has grown to become one of the largest packaging distribution companies in Scotland. With its three sites in East Kilbride, Edinburgh, and Dundee, it is well placed to service Scotland and be a strong partner to Papier Sprick.  It has over 200 years of combined packaging experience with over 100,000 square foot capacity.  Ferrari Packaging has a healthy market share in Scotland and Tony Ferrari, Managing Director discusses what the secret is of their success. “Our team’s knowledge and experience is unrivalled. We are completely committed to dealing with our customers on a one to one basis and understand that each business has its own complexities and challenges that it must overcome. We welcome any business to challenge us. With our expertise, we are sure to have a solution to your problem whether it is to reduce your damages, pursue sustainable packaging solutions or indeed just seek savings to your packaging costs.”

Benefits of Papier Sprick to our customers and Scottish businesses

The SpeedMan Classic, SpeedMan PRO and PaperJet are vastly effective systems to use when there is a requirement to void fill and/or block and brace a product to ensure it reaches its destination without incident. The cost to businesses when there is damage can be significant, coupled with the potential environmental impact to return and replace. If this can be minimised by effective and reliable packaging, then customers will always be satisfied.  This effective packaging consumable along with the environmental benefits are the two main features of using Papier Sprick’s paper. Lesley Bell, Sales Director of Ferrari Packaging is keen to elaborate, “We’re always committed to offering our customers a choice and Papier Sprick has demonstrated that with their range of machines and their Blue Angel awarded paper, that they are a great partner to have on Paper Protective Packaging.  It is a great replacement to plastics or foam (expanding or otherwise) and if packers are trained properly in the use of it, then the individual pack cost can be reduced, and savings can be significant. We’re confident, that if your need is for a paper solution then we will have the right Papier Sprick product for you.”