Level of sustainable packaging influencing online fashion purchases

A new survey by Smurfit Kappa has revealed that consumers are considering the level of sustainable packaging from brands before making online fashion purchases.

The research, which surveyed consumers in Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands and UK, found that 23% have researched a brand online to assess its level of sustainability; 35% would not make a purchase from a fashion company if they discovered its packaging wasn’t eco-friendly; and 23% have repurchased from a fashion brand based on its sustainability credentials.

The survey also highlighted hurdles consumers face when it comes to making sustainable choices. The research found that a lack of accessible information (34%), lack of sustainable options (32%) and cost (30%) as the main barriers for consumers to act in a more sustainable way while shopping online.

Over half of respondents (57%) said they would like to hear more about online fashion retailers’ efforts to be sustainable in packaging. Smurfit Kappa said this highlights the level of influence sustainability has on consumers’ purchasing behaviour and how brands’ efforts can either broaden or erode their customer base.

Commenting on the survey findings, Arco Berkenbosch, vice president of innovation and development at Smurfit Kappa, said, “Consumers want online fashion brands to act responsibly and consider the social and environmental impacts of their businesses.  Fashion brands, and indeed all brands, need to adapt to consumer demands on sustainability or they risk losing customers’ business.

“Across the four markets surveyed, consumer sentiment and focus on sustainability is consistent, highlighting the growing appetite from European consumers that brands should continue to prioritise and commit to improving their practices in sustainability even during the current economic crisis.”