Aldi unveils new refillable cleaning spray

ALDI has launched an own-brand concentrated cleaning liquid which it said will refill spray bottles up to four times, in a move that it says will save an estimated 550 tonnes of single-use plastic a year.

Six new Power Force concentrated products, including window, shower, kitchen and bathroom concentrates, will hit shelves from September 24.

The supermarket said that each one allows customers to mix their concentrate with tap water to create four bottles of cleaning spray without compromising on quality, thus reducing the need to buy single-use spray bottles each time.

Luke Peech, managing director of corporate responsibility at Aldi UK and Ireland, said, “At Aldi we’re always looking at new ways to reduce waste and especially to remove and replace any unnecessary, single-use plastic.
“Our new concentrated refills will do just that. And, even if only half of our customers opt for them, it will take more than 250 lorries off our roads every year.”