Waitrose unveils ‘pioneering’ egg packaging system

WAITROSE is to introduce a ‘pioneering’ minimum net weight packaging model across its exclusive own label eggs.

Traditionally, egg sizing is regulated by weight bands with the majority of retailers selling mainly medium or large eggs. Waitrose said that the new weight packaging model will allow them to use a mix of small, medium and large eggs in packs – thus making better use of every egg produced in its supply chain.

The supermarket said that the new initiative will increase availability to customers and also benefit them from a price point of view. Packs at the weight of what would have originally been a ‘medium’ pack of eggs will now come at a price of £2.50, 20 pence cheaper than their predecessors.

Nick Coleman, egg buyer at Waitrose, commented, “We have a history of pioneering standards in the egg industry and we continue to work with our egg supplier Stonegate to find solutions to give greater value to our farmers and customers. This new model will boost availability of our British free range eggs even further and at a more affordable price, which is good for the industry and good for our customers.”