‘First of its kind’ tray-positioning system launched

PROSEAL has launched a ‘first of its kind’ tray positioning system that calculates the required tray-spacing set-up parameters for individual tray sealing tool-sets.

This, the manufacturer revealed, eliminates the trial and error usually associated with the process.

The patent-pending ProPosition feature automatically identifies the best position for trays. The technology provides food manufacturers and processors with a one-step tool-set-up and guides operators through the set-up via animated touch screen instructions. The system then saves the relevant parameters for each tool, which Proseal said speeds up product changeovers and avoids operator errors during set-up.

ProPosition is fitted as standard to all new Proseal GT platform machines. The software can also be retrofitted to any pre-existing machines which have the suffix GTe and GTs.

Paul Watkin, Proseal systems development manager said, “The new ProPosition system showcases our incredible engineering innovation and underlines Proseal’s commitment to being at the forefront of product development and innovation. This pioneering technology helps to minimise downtime, reduce errors and minimise waste to deliver valuable cost savings that will deliver a fast return on investment.”