Firm develops plastic-free packaging solution for salads

A plastic-free salad packaging solution has been developed by UK-based Sirane after the firm was shortlisted for producing innovative food packaging.

(RE)SET Packaging, a consultancy company specialising in the circular economy, are behind the shortlist.

Made from the firm’s Earthfilm paper packaging, the bags will be fully recyclable in the paper stream. The product is set to be used by the Carrefour group in France, following the country’s announcement that a tax will be imposed on packaging made from non-recycled plastic.

The Carrefour Group has more than 5,000 stores in France and also owns Les Crudettes, which Sirane said is France’s ‘most well known’ ready-to-eat salad brand.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said, “In France alone, 290 million ready-to-eat salads are sold every year. They have always been sold in a plastic-packaging which cannot be recycled, meaning a huge amount of waste going into landfill. We’ve managed to perfect a coated paper which still gives the necessary shelf-life. The bags have some translucency – especially when in direct contact with the salad – and there is no need for the producers to use an anti-fog treatment.”

Sirane plans to launch the salad bags in early 2021.