Packaging specialist lifts the lid on mono-material offering

FLEXIBLE packaging and lidding films supplier KM Packaging has announced it is meeting demand for mono-material food packaging with mono polymer structure lidding films.

The company offers the films for all food tray types including PP, Alufoil, CPET and APET.

Particularly relevant to the meat, poultry, fish and seafood markets, KM offers weld seal mono-material lidding films within its K SEAL range. These have an all-polyester structure and are available with a high-oxygen barrier.

Charles Smithson, MD of KM Packaging said, “Many manufacturers within the meat and fish industry face the problem of ‘How can we move to more mono-material solutions to avoid putting multi-layer trays and films with different plastics combined into the market?’ The sustainability of packaging solutions to protect, present, and preserve foodstuffs is a key consideration.

“Our product enables them to switch from ‘hard-to-recycle’ mixed polymer plastics, for example a PET/PE food tray, to a mono-polymer food tray with the same mono-polymer top film to seal to it. Offering excellent weld seals to PET trays, K SEAL has exceptional clarity, anti-mist, and an effective barrier, performing in the same way as existing films used by meat and fish packers, while providing a packaging solution that is 100% designed for recycling in the number 1 PET recycling stream.”