New packaging concepts unveiled for minced meat

SÜDPACK is launching two new packaging concepts for minced meat that do without bottom trays.

Both concepts are described as mono-material packaging solutions based on polypropylene (PP).

The Flow Pack PurePP film is said to achieve material savings of up to 60% compared to tray packaging. The solution can be processed on all common flow wrapping machines, even at high speeds.

SÜDPACK is also offering a packaging solution for minced meat in thermoformed packs, consisting of the Multifol PurePP soft film as the bottom film and a peelable PP-based upper film. This solution is said to use 55% of the material used to make tray packaging. Manufacturers can process this solution on all existing thermoforming packaging machines. Depending on production requirements, the concept supports modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging.

SÜDPACK said that with both concepts, the typical shape and consistency of minced meat is ‘preserved and presented’ in an appetising manner. The integrated anti-fog effect prevents the pack from steaming up.