Firm unveils social distancing labels

Laurent Lassus

SATO, a global auto-ID and labelling solutions firm, has announced it is supporting its customers with a new range of personalised social distancing labels to allow them to implement safe practices once they return to work, as well as a range of disinfectant wipes.

SATO Europe managing director, Laurent Lassus, said, “Many sectors across Europe are now facing an incredibly difficult challenge as they begin to prepare their businesses for staff returning to work, and customers who will return to public spaces. Universally, it is recommended that social distancing is maintained and to continually disinfect all surfaces to avoid the spread of the virus.

“We are therefore now offering a range of disinfectant wipes and personalised social distancing labels so everyone can quickly adhere to health and safety guidelines.”

The disinfectant cleaning wipes on offer from SATO are an alcohol-free quick disinfection solution for objects and surfaces. The disinfectant used is virucidal against enveloped viruses such coronavirus, the firm said.

Alongside this product, the company’s new range of labels can be personalised and applied to both windows and floors to enhance the visibility of social distancing regulations once stores, offices and factories re-open.

Lassus added, “We have significant experience of adapting to emerging issues across a range of sectors and want to assure our customers that we are doing everything we can to provide solutions that support staff in this difficult work environment.”