Box maker investment a ‘game-changer’ in printed corrugated packaging

RIGID Containers has revealed it has invested in the latest Mitsubishi Evol to ensure it can meet growing demand for sustainable printed corrugated boxes.

The Mitsubishi Evol is described as a ‘high performance, quick-set box maker, capable of running at speeds of 350 blanks per minute’. Once printed and die-cut,  the boxes move to the folding and gluing section for manufacture according to each customer’s specifications.

The machine joins the Bahmueller TURBOX folder gluer, Bobst DRO six colour rotary die-cutter and BP Agnati Quantum corrugator and forms part of over £4 million invested at Rigid’s Wellington site in the south west of England.

Rigid explained that by using the latest inking system technology, less than 6.5 litres of water per wash-up is required, delivering sustainability benefits through energy and water savings. The Mitsubishi Evol can handle sheet sizes from 250 x 690mm to a maximum of 950 x 2555mm.

Paul Barber, UK operations director at Rigid said, “The installation of the Mitsubishi Evol was the next logical step in our investment programme at Wellington and ensures we can respond to the latest retail and e-commerce demands for sophisticated, sustainable printed packaging.

“I have been exceptionally pleased with how well the machine has performed from the start. The level of accuracy during installation meant that the very first boxes being run through the machine were all saleable. This is a real game-changer for Wellington and ensures we can deliver the highest quality printed corrugated packaging for all our customers.”