‘Ground-breaking formula’ said to enhance biodegradability of plastic packs

LIFESTYLE Packaging has announced the introduction of BioPAC to the UK market.

Described as a ‘ground-breaking formula’ that will degrade plastic packaging in 10 years, the Yorkshire-based firm said the plastic additive is added into the base polymer and enhances biodegradability without the need for UV or high temperatures.

Instead, the formula allows acids, secreted naturally by over 600 microbes, to soften the macromolecules within the plastic, resulting in faster biodegradation.

Lifestyle Packaging said the plastic also remains recyclable but if the product ends its lifecycle in anaerobic systems, such as landfills, the plastic is turned into CH4, CO2, biomass and water. In aerobic systems, such as compost facilities, CO2, biomass and water are produced.

Lifestyle said its in-house packaging technologists will work directly with brands across the CBD, vaping, fragrance and personal care industries to develop customised packs.

Rich Quelch, head of global marketing at Lifestyle Packaging said, “Plant-based polymers were initially considered as a sustainable solution to plastic waste, however their properties meant packs degraded prematurely, and usability and functionality were unduly affected. We believe BioPAC will help solve this problem without affecting packaging design and functionality. So, while recycling will always be the best solution for reducing plastic waste, enhancing the biodegradability of plastic packaging will help limit the negative impact if the pack ends its lifecycle in landfill, compost or marine environments.”