SIG confirms joint initiative to fund sustainable materials research

SIG has announced it will fund ‘breakthrough’ research into more sustainable materials at EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologyas part of a joint initiative with Nestlé, Logitech and other industry partners

Together, the corporate partners have committed to provide 5 million Swiss francs over 10 years. The funding will support a new chair for sustainable materials research within EPFL’s institute of materials.

The chair, to be appointed as a tenure-track assistant professor, will be responsible for leading a new research programme on sustainable materials at EPFL.

Klaus Andresen, senior VP global technology at SIG said, “We already offer customers some of the most sustainable aseptic packaging solutions on the market. But we want to go further and that’s why we’re partnering with Nestlé and others to drive progress towards the sustainable packaging materials of the future.”

Stefan Palzer, Nestlé chief technology officer commented, “Tackling plastic pollution is a top priority for Nestlé. We continue our efforts to pilot novel approaches for re-use packaging, while also evaluating new recycling technologies and sustainable packaging materials. The development of high performing, environmentally friendly materials requires a fundamental understanding of material structures and properties, which is why we are collaborating with our innovation partners to invest in sustainable material research at EPFL.”