Report predicts growth in anti-counterfeiting packaging technology

A recent report on packaging holography has highlighted the growth in anti-counterfeiting packaging technology, the trade body behind the study has said.

The International Hologram Manufactures Association (IHMA) said that the ‘Anti-counterfeiting, Authentication and Verification Technologies’ report offers ‘reassurance’ that the market for packaging authentication technologies will remain ‘strong’ and ‘robust’ for the next few years.

The report estimates that the worldwide market for holograms will grow by 27% over the next five years, reaching an eventual value of US $133720 million.

Commenting on the report, IHMA chair Dr Paul Dunn, said as brand owners face a broad range of threats, suppliers are developing and adopting integrated platforms that allow brands to comprehensively address physical retail, supply-chain and online threats.

He said, “Digital solutions are a clear and growing addition to authentication solutions, sometimes in isolation, but within the holographic industry it’s the combination with packaging track and trace systems among other solutions, that’s seen as the foreseeable future. In doing so, the opportunities for holograms to be at the forefront will drive sector growth.

“Critically, the report indicates that the role of holograms as effective weapons in the frontline fight against counterfeiters and fraudsters will continue to enhance brand protection. All involved in the supply chain will be constantly reassured by the presence of holograms on products, recognising the benefits they provide.”