Film pack specialist makes a mark after moving into apron production

FLEXIBLE film packaging specialist Skymark has developed protective aprons containing antimicrobial technology in response to the national call for help with the shortage of PPE for healthcare workers.

The company said it produced a trial batch of blue embossed antimicrobial aprons for evaluation and having received ‘positive’ feedback, the team is now manufacturing 100,000 of them in just ten days.

Paul Glover, Skymark commercial technical director said, “The combined creativity and innovation of our team has enabled us to take this project from idea to fruition, through our design and qualification process, within a few days. Our team understood the needs of the application, and quickly found ways to adapt our current production capability, to come up with the poncho style apron, designed with a tie back for ease of donning and doffing in high pressure environments.”

The aprons are being produced at Skymark’s Scunthorpe site using cast micro-embossed film technology incorporating Biomaster antimicrobial technology.

“We have extensive experience of supplying the healthcare sector and our staff have shown amazing dedication and worked hard in recent weeks to keep our business open during this challenging period,” Paul Glover added. “This dedication has allowed us to continue to supply our essential medical films, at above normal demand levels, to clients in the UK and across Europe. Everyone is touched by the Covid-19 crisis and as a business we were keen to support our brave health workers in any way that we could.”