Glasgow packaging firm placed on Critical Infrastructure list to help fight Covid-19

GLASGOW-based packaging specialist Cullen has announced the business will continue to operate its corrugate packaging and moulded pulp factories to help support frontline services in the battle against Covid-19.

As a supplier of moulded pulp consumables to the NHS, the business has been placed on the UK Government Critical Infrastructure list.

Director David MacDonald said businesses are currently facing ‘unprecedented challenges’.

“At Cullen, the wellbeing of our people, customers, suppliers and the wider population remains the number one priority and we are taking the necessary steps as advised by the UK Government and the World Health Organisation,” he explained. “The pressure on the supply chain for both medical care and food packaging is substantial and, as an essential link in the supply chain for both, Cullen will continue to operate our corrugate packaging and moulded pulp factories as we navigate through unchartered territory.

“In the UK, our NHS is rising and readying to meet the challenges head-on. As the leading supplier of moulded pulp consumables to the NHS, Cullen have been placed on the UK Government Critical Infrastructure list and will continue to support and respect the hard work of those in frontline services and commit to maintaining the manufacture of products they require to do their job.”

Cullen’s solutions can be found in supermarkets both in the UK and across Europe.

Mr MacDonald added, “As the largest manufacturer of these products, we will strive to ensure the significant and prolonged increase in demand on the food industry is met. As a company, we can only make these commitments with the drive, determination and good health of our fantastic workforce. We have made all necessary provisions to help ensure their safety and wellbeing and will continue to assess and balance our responsibilities as a supplier with our responsibilities as an employer. I appreciate this is a global concern which is evolving each day. We will continue to do what it takes so you can always rely on us.”