Fibrepak packaging launched to meet sustainability demands

CREATORS of Fibrepak have said the material, which utilises thermoformed wet pulp, is an ‘ideal solution’ for firms searching for sustainable packaging.

Made from locally-sourced FSC-certified materials, Fibrepak is described as a ‘high quality, thin-walled and smooth sided’, meaning packaged products do not get scratched. It can also be recycled in traditional waste streams along with paper, compostable and biodegradable materials.

Fibrepak is a sub-brand of thermoformer TEQ, which was recently acquired by Sonoco.

“We launched Fibrepak in response to a growing demand from customers that were keen to embrace sustainability,” said Anne-Sophie Belamine, European sales director at TEQ. “The advent of thermoformed fibre gave us a great opportunity to combine this latest technology with our vast experience of thermoforming to deliver bespoke, complex and high-quality packaging for a range of customers, including those in cosmetics, fruit and veg, homecare and electronics.”

Fibrepak is a dust-free material and non-toxic. Production takes place at the company’s facility in Poznan, Poland. During manufacture, natural fibres are converted into ‘high tolerance’ thermoformed pulp products using a vacuum technique and ‘cure-in-the-mould’ technology. This uses heat and pressure to press and evaporate fluid from the fibres, which is said to leave a completely dry product at the end of the process.